Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hell or Heaven

By Dr. Bala

Many search the lost coin in a place where light is available instead of where it has been lost. Happiness is also like that. The chosen profession should be based on each one's "swadharma" - a job close to our heart or a job based on the purpose of our life. Then we shall see swarga in our work place. It should not be considered as job or duty or karma. It must be taken as "life" or jeevan. One will feel the hell in the job place. We are not working for the employer but for the sake of our own soul with complete involvement and satisfaction. Live examples are Sachin Tendulkar, A R Rahmann Amitabh who breathe eat and sleep their profession. Jaswin's swarga theory is very good. As you sow so you reap is the reality. Kalpatharu and kamadenu is nothing but our sub conscious mind according to me. "Yat bhavaha tat bhavati" says upanishad. What ever we are is based on what we think. Heaven or hell is in our hand or perhaps in our mind. 

Take care.

May God be with you. Sarve jana sukino bavanthu.

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