Sunday, August 28, 2011

True story -Good salary is not the only motivator

Tamer Momtaz.,Egypt , worked in banking sector for 13 years

I worked in a famous bank and I was very happy , but under the stress of money I went to another Gulf bank in Egypt where I saw the salary only and I forgot that there are other things that cannot be ignored. The community in the workplace where I worked had many problems between individuals and there was no values. There every employee hated them self before they hated others, I was not able to live in this atmosphere and had sufferings, therefore I left work and I sat at home for 4 months , discharged and exhausted all the savings with my wife and 4 children and i lived in sadness. I was very miserable and then God helped me to find new work in a respectful bank with lower salary than before but encouraged me to learn and got a MBA degree and I am now studying a PhD. Work is not only about money, but many things integrated with the love of people and a staff of values. I cannot describe to you the taste of sadness when I see my colleagues who have continued in the earlier bank I worked in, they pant in a vicious circle.

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