Tuesday, June 3, 2014


By Author Unknown

NTE was a training company. It provided training solutions to its client. Recently a client gave them contract of training its customer care teams in several states. NTE had several associated trainers. The training was on Excellence in Customer Care. NTE Director wanted its trainers to get that feeling of excellent customer care as an internal associate. He wanted to practice what they were going to preach. He wanted the trainers to feel what excellent customer care is. The director was thinking what to do? What can he do for the trainers? What will you suggest him??? 


Think harder………………….. 


The director called his team and asked them to simplify the process of making trainers’ payment. He asked them to make ‘trust’ as a major thrust while dealing with various trainers. He also asked his client account manager to speak to the client and try to reduce their requirements which the trainers & they would require to comply with. They implemented a lot of things. First, they eliminated the need of attendance sheet of the program. Since feedback forms already had names, dates etc. Later, they spoke to client and eliminated the need to send the hardcopy of feedback forms. The client agreed since they were already getting soft copy report from each trainer which had names of each participant and their rating and comments given on the form. They chose to trust the reports submitted by trainers. Later, they eliminated the need for giving supporting bills of conveyance, food & stationary up to certain amount. Most of the claims were falling under
that amount limit. So it reduced quite a big burden in making, processing of bills. End of the day, the trainer needed to send just an online report of the program and expenses thereof without any supporting. It saved hundreds of communications, paper work, administrative work, accounting work and printing, photocopy & courier charges. 

Learning- Can we trust? Can we make it economical for everyone? 

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