Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Forgive your boss. Here is how and why...

By Sunayna Navani

Most of you might want to read this post just for curiosity. :) Y  is this  crazy lady asking us to forgive our boss??? 

 Some lucky ones might not feel the need coz they have excellent bosses.  Some must be so filled with anger that forgiveness is so out of the question, that they might not even read it. I hope curiosity brings the  ones who really need to hear this, here. Well, whoever you are, hope you  are able to lead a better life after reading this. Stories are always welcome, Infact, I love listening to it. So pls do share. Also, feel free  to share this post with people u know will need to read.
Boss - A mysterious creature, ain't he? For many, it is possible that he is the same guy whom they shared lunch with, but now, make faces when he enters on your lunch time. The picture just says it all. 

Bosses truly don't know what to with the power they have been given. Most are forced leader. I have a true story to  share.

Just few months back, I had a handwriting sample for a Pre Employment scan .  It was for some senior position in the company that wanted to hire him, I had not been given any other specifics about function to check, it was just a simple analysis. I sent the report and I got a call back asking how is  this guy not a good leader. I was taken aback. I didn't know how to  explain. I told them that as per his handwriting, though he is very  straight forward, simple, fast thinker and hardworking. The following were  my additional exact comments - Balanced individual. Clean heart and hence
> slightly short tempered. Also if time taken to analyse handwriting can be  considered as the time to judge the individual, then this analysis took me  half the time as the first one. I am guessing he will come with no  pretenses and will be able to judge and analyse. But am sorry that he is not a good leader."He is very highly recommended and He is currently  the AGM, He is to be hired for Head position, and he has a flawless track  record. How can he not be a good leader" was the reply. I told them that he isn't. Please check on him. Was he forced to a leadership position? Did he have to struggle a lot in the start? now, does  he treat himself as a leader or just like a captain? He has a lot of good qualities like being straight but also kind and he is hardworking so his  subordinates will learn a lot. This could make him a good person to be in charge of that position, Also, his stress management skills are high, so it  has taken him time to be in charge of that position and lead but he is not  a very good leader intrinsically and takes some time to adjust to new  situations, but will do well.

They didn't get back to me for sometime, but when they did, I was told that it  is very much possible that he was forced into a leadership position. NOW,  Think about your boss. Does he have good leadership skills? Probably no, because you are reading this article.What exactly is a leader? As per graphology, he is someone who has vision, thinks big and is not good with getting in the small details but would very well want you to do it. He has  a slightly inflated ego that needs little bit of air every now and then. But  at the end of the day, he is a human being just like you.*He too has his boss to report to. Maybe even worse at managing self than your boss is.  Possible na? He is not a good boss because he is not good at managing his  self. BUT just because he is not good at managing his self, doesn't mean that you should too? Forgive him.

 There is just no point in spoiling your mood because of him. *Worrying they say is a waste of imagination. *So, All you lovely people and my friend PJ, don't waste a single moment in sadness because of your boss. Smile and chill. Forgive him for not being a good boss. At the same time, learn from his mistakes and 

*promise yourself that you will be a lot better boss*.

Good luck.

Keep smiling.
Keep learning.
Keep Growing!  

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