Monday, March 19, 2012

Professional Relationships

By Author Unknown

In an office, three men were working in the same cadre.

Amidst them, one man was always glued to his working table and was showing good progress in his work chart. But seldom he had met his boss! All his communications were through inter office notes! Even when he had chances to meet his boss on special occasions, he avoided meeting his boss directly.

Another gentleman was a man who had the practice of meeting his boss daily, greeting him and giving him the updates then and there. Daily after the day’s work, he bid farewell to his boss and then he went home.

The third gentleman was a person, who worked nicely and when needed would meet his boss and would get the clarifications then and there. On special occasions he greeted the boss and when necessary he offered himself to drop the boss at home.

The show went on like this for some time! But all of a sudden the boss was transferred and before he left, he was asked to recommend a person for his position.

He recommended the third gentleman’s name!

When the matter was leaked, the first man was fretting and fuming! And the second man was confident, that again his boss would reconsider his option and would recommend his name. But both did not happen!

To get the clarification, both of them met their boss. The boss did not recognize the first man at all! He confirmed from him, whether he was working in his company! With the second gentleman, he was talking about all other things except the promotion matter!

The moral of the story: All Professional relationships are like film negatives. Avoid under exposure and over exposure!

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