Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fuel Saving Tips

By Author Unknown

Fuel saving tips 
Air pressure 
Keeping the tires pressure on recommended level is a key to improve the mileage and have a smooth ride. It’s also helps in saving fuel and thereby saving your expenses. 
Oil measure 
Checking your oil in the car is very important as without oil you engine will dry away. A regular check of engine oil is recommended and if the oil is leaking it should be repaired at earliest. 
Avoid excessive idling 
Switch off your vehicle if you need to stop for over three minutes. Remember 3mins of idling = 1 Km lost. 
Try to refuel in the mornings, as specific gravity of the fuel is high in the morning. 
Shifting Gears 
Ensure that you use proper gear while driving in the city and on highway as it will reduce the pressure and ensure higher mileage. 
Avoid clutch riding 
It is recommended to avoid resting of foot on clutch while driving as it reduces its life and affects the mileage of your vehicle. 
Servicing you car 
Get your vehicle serviced at regular intervals for smooth riding and proper maintenance.

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