Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Papa, you are the best!!!


By Sanjeev Himachali

"Papa, you are the best" is the second best one-liner and one of the sweetest one-liner; all males say all fathers like to listen to at one stage or another of their life. As a father one can give following to his kids:

1) Love and let them know that they are the best and most loveable person.
2) take their own decisions.
3) face the world.
4) Excellent face the best of the best in the world and encourage them to do their best.
5) select their own way.
6) differentiate between good and bad
7) take a stand and face failure and frustration boldly.

One is not a best papa, if he is
1) A dictator
2) Ignorant and
3) Imposes

Ignorant. Yes you are an ignorant father, if you are not aware of your kids’s
Strengths and weakness;
Likes and dislikes;
Positives and negatives,
Dreams and ambitions,

One should not take things for guaranteed. OK, they are your kids but still they are different individuals, have different views, perceptions and ideology.

As a father, one must be good listener, so listen to your kids, without threat and without any pre-conceived notions. Sometimes, it may happen that your kids don't like your suggestion and advice. They have different dreams and goals and like to follow them. At that time don't pass any judgment or comment but assure your kids that you are with them and will take care of them, just in case they fall short. You must be like a strong pillar from which your kids can take support if they are low in confidence, frustrated and low in spirits.

Celebrate all the achievements, big or small. You wanted your daughter to score 97% in Chemistry but she scored 67% in Chemistry but 88% in mathematics (her favorite subject) still celebrate.

Among all the celebrities and well-known people, my all time favorite is actor, producer, social worker, politician and former Cabinet Minister (Sports), yes; I am talking about the late Shri Sunil Dutt. Success or failure, Good times or Bad times, Happy times or Struggling times, Achievement or Non-performance, he always stood by his son, actor Shri Sanjay Dutt.

Conclusion: I am sure then one day, your kids will come to you...will hold your hand and will say, "Papa, you are the BEST". I understand that bringing-up kid and inculcating good values is not an easy task and varies as they grow older but you are expected to put in lots of hard work and undergo lots of hardship to give your best to your kids. But friends, don't sell your love, care and affection; never ever tell your kids all that you have done for them to give them your best or else it may appear as if you are asking for "payment" for all that you have done. Let's here give our unconditional love…without expecting anything in return.

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