Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Would you Quit Without Notice

By Alison Doyle

I've spoken to a couple of people this week who quit their job without providing two weeks notice and weren't sure about the repercussions. With the first one, it shouldn't make much of a difference because the person had only been at the job for a week. I suggested that he not even mention this position when he applies for new jobs.

The other case is more complicated. The woman stayed late at work, cleaned out her cubicle, and left a resignation letter on the desk of her supervisor. The letter apologized for not giving notice (sample resignation letter - no notice) and said she need to resign immediately.
It would have been wiser, if circumstances allowed, to ask if she could be released from her job early (resignation letter - short notice), rather than just quitting.

The problems are going to arise when she starts a new job search. It's doubtful that she'll get a good reference from the company that she quit without notice. That means, she's going to have to do some explaining to prospective employers, and it's always easier to move on when you've left your last position on good terms.

For purely selfish reasons, I give a notice.

It’s easier to just up and leave, but chances are good I will regret it later.

Does the Employer ever give 2 weeks notice before they let you go?? No, in fact they don’t most of the time and I think if the situation is hostile or you know you will be fired the moment you give notice it is not worth the potential stress and hostility from your employer to give notice.

I have just made the mistake of giving notice after many years with my employer and while we were on good terms right up until the moment I handed in my notice I was treated like the scum of the earth, bad mouthed to clients and run out the door. I later found out that this is always the way this person handles this situation and no reference will be given no matter how stellar my work history was up until that day.

I WISH I had just walked out!


I think her story says more about her boss than it does about her. It’s easier to blame the employee when things don’t work out, but if an employee doesn’t feel as though she can speak frankly to her boss, it’s usually because she has good reason. I think that an explanation that the work environment wasn’t conducive to her doing her best work should be good enough for future employers. We’ve all been witness to this at some point, I’m sure.

Done that. Gave a horrible boss every chance, to no avail. Last straw situation had me walking out the door. Would I do it if I where just going to change jobs? Probably not. If you give 2 weeks notice and they want you out right away (I’m in finance), at least they have to pay you for the 2 weeks.

In a perfect world, all employees would follow proper procedures, and so would all employers. There are definite situations where having to deal with the consequences of leaving without notice is considered the lesser of two evils. I’m sure there’s a book somewhere explaining those situations.

Elissa Jane Mastel
I personally have never just up and left a job without notice. But like Panda said, I’ve been fired without notice … although I had one employer who fired me and demanded that I stay a week and train the new person or I won’t get my unemployment.

Ending any relationship, whether personal or professional is always hard. 

When leaving a job, I think giving notice is only fair to the people who have been employing you. Even if the situation isn’t positive, it’s the correct thing to do. As for references or getting another job… hopefully you’re leaving because you already found something else 

I never worried about unemployment benefits when I got fired. They make you wait 5 weeks and then you get a check.

My company made threats all the time about withholding unemployment benefits to it employee’s if fired. But, those who were fired, received benefits just the same, you just have to wait a penalty period. The company can’t tell the Government what to do. It doesn’t work that way.

They have benefits people at the unemployment office, that decide who gets what.

If you quit ! Then there are NO benefits. Because you caused the action of unemployment. Your not rewarded for making stupid mistakes.

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