Sunday, June 26, 2011

Personal Branding: A Marketing Tools for Expat Returnees

Todays competitive marketplace demands every aspiring professional to be a networker, a marketer, and an expert.  Howbeit, personal branding is by far the best career management tool executives use to market their unique selling points.

Why do you need Personal Branding?
As a corporate denizen and a returning resident looking for job opportunities in homeland, you are only as good as your last position. This underlines need for you to maximize the power of your personal brand to stand out from the competition. It can at once turn the spotlight on you; making you stand out from the pack striving for same positions and prospects.

Another reason emphazising the importance of personal branding is to make your accomplishments known to all. It adds to your value proposition. And with more and more companies searching candidates online, you should indded be a gung-ho in making the most of personal branding.

Now, you can enhance your personal branding using the following tips: 

1) Define your niche market:
Spending time and money on futile resources do not make any sense especially when you have so much aligned to accomplish back home. Find your corporate discipline that you are passionate and knowledgeable about as we all tend to devote more of our time and energy to things that we love doing. Find out which all potential employers are there in your country and then shortlist the ones that suit you followed by tailoring your branding message according to their specific business needs.  
2) Leverage social platforms:
Nowadays, there is a growing buzz about social marketing. Why do you think they are becoming popular? The most obvious reason is their ability to let you communicate to the world the qualities that define you and that too in a way you want. Nearly all the companies nowadays tend to maintain presence on social media websites; you can easily pull the professional data you require to decide your play area.

Use forums and professional networks like Twitter or create your personal blog on blogging sites like or However, dont rush the process. First watch the ongoing activities in these spheres and determine the most suitable platform to strengthen your personal branding. 

3) Grow your professional network:
Build a rapport for your expertise, or even just be known as a high performer or in your industry or company. Since you have long been a part of foreign land, you would love to be acquainted with the movers and shakers of your field in your homeland. They are the ones you want to associate with. Try to reach then through their blogs. Begin by commenting judiciously. Share with the readers why you liked the blog and why do you think it is an effective piece. 

Remember, your personal brand is your platform to grab the attention of potential employers and other professional contacts. You simply need to know both your short term and long term goals you want to achieve back home to ensure that your personal branding meets your goals.

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