Saturday, November 23, 2013

Main Six Things Recruiters Look for in Your Resume

By Florence Lewis

A recruiter only has a few seconds before he or she makes the final decision whether to call you for an interview. By looking at your resume, recruiters can quickly make out whether you fit the job description and can do the work. Recruiters get hundreds of resumes daily and have expertise in figuring out a resume. Below are a few things that recruiters look for in your resume and what employers want from you? If you are missing these things, you might miss a career opportunity.

  1. Job Title and Functions: You need to first figure out whether your job titles and functions listed in your resume match the job you have applied for. There should be similarities between your past work and the current position you are applying for. Your employment history should show a number of roles and the corresponding responsibilities that came with them.
  2. Experience: Experience matters a lot to recruiters and they scan it thoroughly. Thus, you need to make sure your experience matches the job title you are applying for. Experience in a different domain will not be counted. It’s necessary that you have experience working in the same area to add value to your resume.
  3. Awards and Achievements: Recruiters are in search of people who have won awards and achievements. They like to select candidates who achieve more than their targets and are in top level positions. Thus awards and achievements are a must to list on your resume.
  4. Qualifications: Qualifications matters a lot to recruiters, especially when they are desirable ones that fit the selection criterion. Upgrade your resume with your latest qualifications, skills and additional courses for the best outlook.
  5. Leadership: Recruiters look for leadership experience on resumes. They want employees that possess the skills required to manage a team. Leadership needs a good amount of confidence, decision making power, team leadership experience and good listening skills. Recruiters select people who can execute their ideas well and take initiative for new projects.
  6. Performance and Efficiency: Recruiters often look for performance and efficiency in the resume of a job seeker. One should be able to illustrate the way they contributed to a company growth and development.
If job seekers succeed in listing the above key items on their resumes, they stand ahead of the competition. Recruiters wish to see all the above items on an employee resume.

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