Sunday, November 4, 2012

Two IMP. Questions - Closing The interview

By James Caan,CEO,Hamilton.Brad Shaw.

I'VE carried out thousands of interviews over the years and from my experience, there isn't one single question that candidates can ask that will guarantee them landing their dream job. What people tend to forget is that it’s a two way dialogue. Obviously, the interviewer is controlling the situation but the candidate also has the opportunity to exert some influence on the proceedings. For example, there are a couple of killer questions that can move you closer to closing the deal on that all important job offer. Say for example you know you've made it to the final three, when the interview is coming to an end you can simply ask,

*‘Is there anything that you've seen in the other people on the shortlist , that you have not seen in me?’*

It’s a great way of turning the tables on the interviewer and will give you a chance to dispel any lingering doubts your prospective employer might have about you. Whatever the response, you get the chance to address any negative perceptions head on. Remember that first and last impressions are extremely important and that during the interview itself people are usually on their guard.

Another a little tactic is to wait until the formalities are over - once the meeting is finished people tend to mentally relax so time this one for when you are leaving the room or walking to the lift.

Simply say,

*‘So what is your gut feeling about me as a candidate?’ *

You'll be putting your potential employer on the spot, but they will probably respect your boldness. In my experience it's unusual for candidates to take control in this way but when they do, they certainly get a mental tick in the box from me.

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