Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Killer Secret Gets Your Cover Letter Noticed!

Written By Jimmy Sweeney 

Have I got a secret for you! Not just any secret, but a 'killer' secret––the kind that turns heads and grabs attention instantly. The kind of secret that hiring managers can't resist—even when they think they've seen it all.

And the secret is… a smashing title or headline that grabs and holds the reader's attention—that compels him or her to keep on reading your cover letter to the last line. This amazing technique is the needle in the haystack that every job hunter is looking for but can't find. Everyone hopes to locate the one 'trick' that will put his or her cover letter above all the others. Well, now you know it and you didn't have to tear apart a haystack to find it.

How can this killer secret distinguish your cover letter from others?
Here's how. Place a powerful headline at the top of your cover letter. Just above the greeting in your cover letter (Dear Mrs. Smith), place your 'killer' headline in boldface print and center it on the page. (Two lines maximum.)

Here are THREE examples of first-rate cover letter headlines—the secret to landing more quality job interviews:

Three reasons I feel confident I'm the candidate you're searching for regarding the [insert job opening title here].

I have visited the [company name] website and believe I am a great match for the position of [insert job opening title here].

I would love the opportunity to be interviewed in person for the position of [insert job opening title here].

By creating a stellar headline you are attracting attention to your cover letter and bringing it the attention it deserves. Starting your cover letter off with an attention-grabbing headline is a highly effective way for you to stand out from the crowd in a positive light.

Use this strategy for yourself. It can result in many more job interview requests. So do your part today. Create that strong headline at the beginning of your next job-search cover letter. But keep this 'secret' to yourself. Why help your competition? Then get ready to fill your calendar with interviews for the job you've been searching for.

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