Friday, May 4, 2012

"How Remarkable!"

By Narendra Goidani
Recently,  I read  that  a  delegation  of Punjabi people in Dubai, met the Sheikh seeking permission to erect a Gurudwara. They expected some subsidy/facilities and were stunned by his generosity.

The Sheikh instantly offered 500 acres of land for the project for free (wow!).

The only condition was they should build a monument which would be so glorious that it will magnetize pilgrims from all over the globe. It had to become one more reason for  people  to  visit Dubai. After they left, the delegation soon realized, it was not an easy task. Not ready to  take the challenge, they dropped the plan of the Gurudwara. Simple vision of the Sheikh – only excellence will be tolerated. This is indeed remarkable.

It is this remarkable attitude that has made remarkable things happen in Dubai. The tallest tower in the whole world, the highest fountain in the whole world, the biggest shopping mall in the whole world, the biggest man made island in the whole world, one of the biggest dry docks in the world, are all in Dubai.

What gets noticed, what makes a change, what will make things happen, what creates momentum, what gets talked about, what gets impossible things done, what inspires loyalty, what is in demand, what wins against odds, what creates history – are remarkable things and events. Remarkable is an awesome word. It is worth making a remark about.

Commitment + courage + character, brings in the remarkable. Their presence is compulsory to `be' remarkable.

When you have them, in the worst of your times, you still believe in a glorious future. This is remarkable.
Disappointments inspire you to higher levels of determination. This is remarkable.
In defeats you are graceful. This is remarkable.
In victories, you are grateful. This is remarkable.

You have values and principles. To live by values and principles always involves paying a heavy price. You gladly pay the price knowing it is not easy but necessary. As the soldiers of Sparta (ancient Greece) would say, freedom is never free. Similarly, self respect is never easy. It is tested when you have a chance of escape and pretend the situation was compelling. Living by values and principles, paying the necessary price gives us true self respect. Doing whatever it takes to live a life with self respect, is remarkable.

Will you create a landmark that can change the fortune / economy of that area? Like the Taj in Agra, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Golden Temple in Amritsar, The India Gate etc… If you will, you are remarkable!

Will you create a movement that will touch hundreds of life? If you do so, you are remarkable.

Will you create a business organisation where customers and colleagues are proud to be associated with you? If you do so, you are remarkable.

Will you create a family where everyone feels peaceful, valued, confident, important and loved? If you do so, you are remarkable.

Will you share the surplus you have, believing this is the reason you have been given the surplus? If you do so, you are remarkable.

Live so well that – You do not expire on your death bed. This will be remarkable.

Live so well that – When you leave, you are still here. This will be remarkable.

Live so well that – After you are not there, we wait till we are not there. This will be remarkable.

Live so well that – You nourish even in your absence. This will be remarkable.

Live so well that – You are always young. This will be remarkable.

Ever heard of anyone dying out of HAPPINESS? Live so well, that your thought makes people happy. This will be remarkable.

Don't live an ordinary life. Begin today! Do something remarkable today. Live a remarkable life. After all, we have only one life to live.

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