Sunday, December 25, 2011

What Are The Hidden Costs Of A Poorly Written Resume?

By  Todd Goldstein 

What could you possibly earn if you had the right resume? Gone are the days where employers went only on referrals or had you fill out a job application. Now there is one standard evaluation – the resume. You have one chance to set yourself apart from the other tens or even hundreds of applicants vying for your desired position, and that chance is your resume. Because you can’t explain the reasons in person for your career change, or why you stayed home with your kids, or why you only stayed at a job for a year – or countless other things that come up in the course of life – you have to rely on a resume to tell your story accurately, positively, and in a way that makes an impression

How To Decide What Goes On Your Resume?
It goes without saying that you need to convey your superior work ethic, reliability, interpersonal skills, and willingness to be a team player. Without those attributes, employers will move right along. But those “soft skills,” dubbed as such by recruiter’s who focus on matching experience with job descriptions, will only get you so far. 

To be invited in for an interview, your resume needs to match the job description that you are applying for. That does not mean you can copy parts of the job description. In doing so you will only shoot yourself in the foot and take yourself out of the running for future openings, especially if you put phony information on a resume. Lying on your resume will only lead to more problems. 

But why accept a less than exceptional resume. Many people have a hard time “tooting their own horn”. In doing so, they fail to mention in their resumes all the relevant things they have done, that match the open position they are applying for. The average job search lasts 18 weeks, according to the National Bureau of Labor, and the average American salary is around 35k. Why risk losing nearly $12,000 when you can solve this simple issue now, by hiring an affordable, reputed resume service. 

With a few quick steps, you can be on your way to having a professional resume created. A certified resume writer can insert carefully crafted, accurate key phrases on your resume, that describe duties you have done and achievements you have made – without overstating things. 

The vast majority of job seekers are circulating resumes that are professional but not powerful, and they usually don't showcase the job seeker's most marketable skills. 

To help you start properly showcasing your value as an employee, Net-Temps has arranged for its subscribers to get VIP service at Resume2Hire, one of the premier national resume writing firms in both quality and affordability. Their resume writers have written over 10,000 resumes combined and have gotten thousands of people increases in salaries, entry back into the workforce, and more. To get more interviews and land a job faster, get your professional resume today! 

The Wrong Resume Can Cost you Over Five Figures!
You wouldn’t make an investment of 12,000 knowing that the money was never coming back, but without getting your resume professionally done, it equates to potentially the same thing. If you fall among the average American job seeker, the time from sending out resumes, to interview scheduling, to second interviews, to offer letter, to start date takes months. 

Succeeding In Your Job Search
Creating a compelling, accurate resume that truly speaks to the audience you present yourself is the way to land interviews. From there, it only gets easier. The more interviews you go on – the better chances you have of getting not only a job, but the job that you want. Once you are in front of the hiring manager or HR representative, you can create rapport, connect in-person, and explain away any potential concerns that might come up in your work history. Getting the initial interview is the hardest part. 

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