Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Two Ways of Separation - Personal and Professional

There are two routes to separation  a good way and a bad way.

Whether personal or professional, a good way or the best way is to explain and accept the differences. Understand that differences have reached a level where it cannot be repaired. And accept that the only way forward is to move in a separate direction. While discussing about the differences, it is just apparent to appreciate the good time that they have spent together. In this way, both parties keep the door open for future communication. They don’t regret their past. In future, if they happen to cross their ways again, they won’t hide from one another and nor will they ignore each other. This is the best and the matured way to separate but certainly the most difficult. Sharing the blame or the responsibility for a failure is not an easy task. 

Another way of separation is the bad way or the worst way to end a relation whether personal or professional. While opting for this way, you are likely to blame one another for the current state of affairs. You are  unlikely to accept responsibility for the break-up. You regret being with one another. You regret your past. You wish if you could change your past. You feel  used. You try harder to not to cross your ways again. If you happen cross your way, you will either hide or ignore each other. In future, you may go out of your way to harm or hurt each other. This is the bad and yet the easiest way to separate.

What are your thoughts about separation? Which of these ways you find the most appropriate?  Do you find any kind of similarity between personal or professional separation?

Share your thoughts and stories.

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