Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Leading L’s In Life

Leading is the one skill that we should practice toward ourselves first, and then to others:There is no good leadership possible without proper self-leadership. If you don’t know how to carry yourself, you will never be able to show others the right way. It is only when people respect how you present yourself over time,that they will really accept your leadership, whether you are their official superintendent or not. However, in order to be a great self-leader and an accepted leader for others, there are some priceless facts of life that you should continuously practice.
Listed below are these 10vital facts and the way they should be perceived: Learning is the only thing we do from day one after birth: every new experience, every disappointment or victory, is a lesson that we should use in our decisions later. 

Listening is not just a polite activity, but it can be the determining factor in being accepted or not. When people know that you lend them an empathetic ear, that you also listen to the unsaid, and that you listen with more than just your ears and your mind, you will earn their timeless respect and loyalty.

Loving is the single emotion that will weed out all negativity that is presented to us in the course of time. It will lead us to the realization that the world will be a much better place if we all start practicing it just a little bit more intense.

Laughing is the one act that we should practice more often: not only when we hear something funny or when we experience a great  progress, but also when we catch ourselves making silly mistakes: for if you cannot laugh about yourself, you are in big trouble.

Looking is one of the most misinterpreted words in the alphabet. Most of the time we consider it as an act to be executed with the eyes only. But looking with the mind, heart, and soul into other people’s character and their spirit can guide you to the right decisions more than anything else. 

Leaping may be considered the most daring act in life:It comes after looking, but it requires much more than insight. It also demands bravery and decisiveness. Some leaps may have a life-changing effect. 

Legacy is what every self-respecting person would like to leave for others. What a wonderful idea that people will continue to think of us, quote us, use our wisdom or our strategies, long after our physical presence has faded away. Leaving a legacy begins with living in an exemplary way. 

Loyalty toward friends, co-workers, subordinates, and not in the least to your own principles, will be recognized by the ones who follow your acts. They will learn from your behavior, and carry forth this skill toward others. 

Luck cannot be bought or ordered. But it can be found in the most unexpected corners of life. It will manifest itself when least expected: as a result of a good deed done to someone, somewhere, somehow.

Luck is the karma that some people mention when they encourage you to do well unto others. Luck is the positive reward we get for the unknown blessings we brought unto others. 

Living,finally, is the one requirement without which none of the above would be possible. If you want to be a good leader for yourself and others, you should realize that the art of living lies in a good balance in everything you do: enough hard work, enough exercise, enough fun, and enough rest. You just perform better when you are in balance. Remember: you exude what you are, whether you are aware of it or not.

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