Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Most Important Investment of All: YOU

When building wealth it is easy to get caught up in the best investments, plans, strategies, etc.. Remember that at the end of the day the most important investment is you! Here are some quick tips to protect the most important investment of all!

1) Good, Nutrient-rich Food
You must fuel your body and your brain to stay focused, productive and clear while doing business. You want to avoid the caffeine or sugar crash in the middle of meetings. The best way to do this is to ‘snack’ on protein-rich, easy to carry nuts, seeds, cheese, yogurt, etc. If you need to ‘grab’ food, eat real food, not bagels, muffins or pre-packaged snacks. Half a sandwich will get you through your afternoon and leave you satisfied, not starving, focused on work, not the next coffee.

2) Daily Relaxation
Relaxation is FREE and ACTIVE. Investing in daily relaxation simply means carving out time for: a walk, a cup of tea with a friend or loved one, an ‘open heart’ chat (not a gossip or complaining session), enjoying nature or spending time sprawled on the floor with your children, dog, cat, lover or yourself.

3) Non-Judgment
Do you spend [waist] time criticizing yourself and/or others? This is a highly draining and unproductive use of resources. Comparing business models and LEARNING from them is one thing; comparing your company’s growth with others and beating yourself up or gloating about it, is another. Time and focus are lost when we feed our insecurities with other peoples’ perceived success stories. Build your business on a foundation of non-judgment and you will thrive. When you or others do well, learn. When you or others fail, learn. Period.

4) Make You a Priority
Just as you would put off ‘other things’ for a very important client, give respect and attention to you. If you are tired, overwhelmed, exhausted, or elated and busy, make time for you. Sleep when you are tired. Ask for what you need: from loved ones [including children], friends, co-workers/ staff. Clearly communicating your needs will make EVERYTHING run more smoothly. Just as if you were organizing a meeting and dinner for an important client, organize your time / day / week to appeal to and please YOU. You will work better, feel better and be your best client, boss and co-worker.

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