Wednesday, August 31, 2011

True Story - Why this happened to me

By Satish Nair (Jodhpur India) 

You might be heard of Arthur Ashe, the US Tennis Legend, the only black player to win all the grand slam trophies in tennis, who died of AIDS, which he contracted when he underwent a heart operation, such is the fate that without his knowledge, he could get contracted with such a devastating disease.

While lying on the hospital bed, he was getting messages around the world and one fan asked him why the destiny chose him for this ailment.

See his reply, “5 croes children try to play tennis, 50 lacs could learn to play tennis, even 5 lacs amateur enter into professional tennis and 50000 entered into the professional circuit. 5000 could play in the grand slam, 50 were able to enter in the main draw of Wimbledon, 4 were in the semifinals, 2 in the final and finally only one could win the final and when I won the championship, I never asked the almighty, WHY ME, similarly when I am suffering from pain, I never could ask Why me?”. Great reply from a legend. He meant that normally when we are delighted from happiness, we never asked the god why this happened to us, we never even try to find out how we become happier than others, but when we face hurdles and saddened by some roadblocks, we started to complain and ask god for the reasons. This is the difference between a LEGEND and an ordinary.

One become a legend only when he could feel the happiness and pain equally, this is an attribute, if one could adept to himself, he will be able to succeed in any area of life, in sports or in life. The Roman thinker Senika said in 1st century that “The height of luck and the depth of sadness will be felt alike, one who will be delighted, those who face the life’s ups and downs with equal prospect” 

The famous psychologist, Karl Young (1875-1961) once said “Every coin has two sides, happiness and sadness are equally responsible for making the real life, if we feel happiness always, then there is no meaning of word happiness”.

Bhagawan Budha said “The sage, who seeks moksha, should give equal importance to perseverance, hard work, patience, if he wants to get the moksha”.

Krishna advised to Arjun in Kurukshetra that “Happiness & sadness and gain & losses are to be taken evenly in ones life and hey Arjun, you should prepare for the war against the evils”

The populace of Ayodhya amazed to see same Shree Ram when he was preparing to become king of Ayodhya and when he prepared to go to jungle for the exile for long 14 years, on both the occasions, he remained as the same person, calm and composed even in the hard times. If we can not do that much sacrifice, we can be remained calm when there are small and minute commotions in our life. 

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