Thursday, August 25, 2011

Capitalize on it !

You must have noticed that every now and then we get a chance to highlight our skills, abilities and earn some browney points at workplace. But most of the time we end up regretting that we could not utilize the opportunity as we could have been. May be because we did not identify the opportunity, may be because we were not ready to rock, etc. However these moments of intense activity or public limelight are our moments to enhave our career.

Let’s share and freeze on some of the moments where you can leave your good impression and utilize that in your career growth. It will help to do a little preparation beforehand. They can be:
  • First day at workplace
  • Giving a presentation
  • Giving an exhibition
  • Participating in an important meeting
  • While handling a crisis/ working on deadline
  • Dealing with clients/vendors/media
  • Organizing a function at workplace
  • Taking responsibilities/initiatives apart from assigned work
  • Working on company newsletter
  • Supervising some out of the schedule office work like organizing party/relocation etc.
A lot of people, when presented with such an option, will be filled nervousness, dismay and tension. People may not like to take initiatives for presentation, exhibition, out of scheduled work or taking some additional responsibility. The general response is, “Why me?”. Well, its very simple if you want to get extra you have to work extra. You need to understand that these are some career enhancing moments and you better take the opportunity to shine and grow. After all there are no bad jobs, only bad attitude to jobs.

So, always look for ways of making such jobs better, more interesting, quicker and understand that they are providing you with the opportunity to shine.

Share your views on how you seize opportunities to shine in your work routine. In my next post I shall discuss about some ways to generate these career enhancing moments and become the favorite at workplace.

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