Monday, July 25, 2011

Time to call british back

By Dr.Pratik P. SURANA

I was going through the news of Rupert Murdoch's NOTW scandal  and it's after effects. The very fact that British PM had left  his tour of SA half way and rushed for the problem resolution  and also the way the authorities showed the pro active approach to the crime is something that shows the honesty, commitment and transparency in Public Life in UK.

I also remember several instances where the same democratic practices and the politicians concerns for their own country men is a significant show of their high standards of ethics and  governance. I also remember the Tory MPs scandal of misappropriation and extravagant spending of the "Second Home Allowance" and how local politicians over there apologised to the country ; also went to the extent of repaying the allowances with immediate effect shows the honesty every country will expect it's rulers to have. 

Looking at our politicians, who refuse to step down even when found guilty in scams such as 2G, CWG, Adarsh,etc.,Ialways feel that we should call them back and this time should enter into an agreement for our country's governance and development with them where they should be paid a percentage of our GDP to provide us with better standards of governance, honest and committed leadership, security (Our politicians can't even provide that for all the time where they accept a "small " incident in a big city can't be stopped). In the days of  British Raj, we had the systems, which we are still using and are still the very foundation of our bureaucracy, legislative and Judicial framework with a bunch of non competent, selfish and greedy politicians who have no commitment towards the people. 

I feel each of us should think and request them to come back here and provide us with better governance and  leadership against the financial benefits  for  a  particular tenure  and can  be reviewed periodically . Outsourcing of Leadership and Governance will get us far more better benefits than getting the useless politicians that we have today.

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