Thursday, July 28, 2011

Do you have the X factor

By Mayur Bardolia NLP Practitioner Hypnotherapist
Almost, all of my clients for counseling and success coaching want to reach to their goal as quickly as possible. Now, who doesn't want to reach to the top. I do help them to reach to their goal quicker than they could ever imagine. I found one very important factor in every peak performers. What is that`X-Factor' what makes them exceptionally best performer? Now, I would like to give you that `X-factor' tool as a gift today to get you to your desired destination quicker. 

Which is ……..

E X c I t e m e n t !

eXcitement is the key to unlocking not only your inner motivational engine but also it creates end numbers of possibilities and opportunities. Excitement is the thing which differentiates competent and excellent person, also between doer and getter. Skill without eXcitement leads to an average personality. On the other hand,eXcitement without skill, if cultivated, can lead not only to the development of skill but it also opens the doors of creativity. 

I would like to ask a question to evaluate how promising your success will be.

Ask yourself, "Am I really excited about this!!".

If your answer is anything other than an enthusiastic "Yes!", you are most probably already experiencing the combination of boredom and pain. So what are the keys to unleashing the eXcitement factor in your life,work, and relationships?

1.  Get eXcited about the End Result One question most of the people ask me "Why do I write such articles?".I reply that it gives me  an unexplainable feelings. It gives me satisfaction and happiness of bringing transformation in someone's life. I don't know how many lives I have transformed or not but it motivates me to keep doing every week no matter how busy I am .

You also have to be eXcited to thrive for your end result.It should make you sleepless to motivate you to fulfill your dreams. Some people can't sleep well because it really excites them to see their dreams fulfilled with their eyes opened and most of them wake-up fresh in next morning.

2.   Get eXcited about the Process I want you to enjoy flow of life & work.You will automatically find Happiness and satisfaction in whatever you are doing. Take every experience or project as an experiment and thus you will not only focus on creating specific results but also you will learn what works and what doesn't work and you know that's what life is all about.Learning & Experiencing.For how long you will feel anger, frustration and complaining about
others and situations.

3. Get eXcited about the Big Picture Sometimes you may not feel eXcited about the result and process. Now,you must have a life purpose. Create big picture by thinking big and doing big. When you wish to achieve something big, it really eXcites you. How what you are doing fits into your life or life purpose? I teach an exercise in my success coaching and training seminars, which gives you an opportunity to re-evaluate your work, lives, and relationships in the larger context of what matters the most to you. After doing this exercise regularly, you will be really surprised to feel how mundane work is transformed into joyful play. Do the following exercise:

Part One
1. Prepare the list of activities, projects or work you do   which eXcites you.

2. Tick off if you are eXcited by the result, process and big picture or not.

 Part Two

1. Prepare the list of activities, projects or work you feel you need to do for your happiness, success, and well-being which do not yet eXcite you.

2. For each thing on your list, ask yourself "What could eXcite me about this?" or "If I was eXcited about this, what would be different?"

3. If you can't come up with anything, go through the 3 keys mentioned before until you find something which really eXcites you.

I have found it, when I started working on it at the same time and same place. Do it NOW!!!

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